Monday, November 30, 2015

Just a Touch of Christmas

This year we will be traveling to visit family for Christmas.  Yay!  In the mean time, I'm trying to make our little apartment a little bit Christmasy.  Another expat that was going home gave us her little 4 foot Christmas tree.  We didn't pack any Christmas decorations when we came.  So I decided to make a few things.  I thought stars would be perfect for Christmas and origami appropriate for Japan. I found the tutorial for these 5-point stars on Pinterest.  
I also found this fun bobble garland crochet pattern that I thought would be cute.  

I found this Cavallini poster that I thought would be fun too.  We aren't suppose to hang anything on the walls.  Washi tape doesn't hurt them, its not very sticky sort of like blue painters tape.  It's also fallen once already. Oops.  
I also found a free Christmas printable.  This one looked like it would add a little fun.  
It looks a little lonely though.  

 I pulled out some pictures from last Christmas to decorate with.

I bought some Christmas lights not realizing that our free tree was pre-lit.  We used them as a swag on the pictures hooks.  I wish I would've bought the white wired type.  My last project was to make a new cover for that butterfly pillow on the sofa.  So, this was my plan.  All I had to buy was a black magic marker.
I found the font on  It's called Candlescript.  Blowing it up and printing it out onto multiple pieces of paper took awhile to figure out.  I'm actually not sure I can explain how I was successful.  I know I read some instructions on Google that ended up working.  You could also take it to Kinko's or a printer and get it blown up.  I taped it to the window and then taped up the fabric, tracing the design with a black marker.  

Don't look too closely, but I like how it turned out.  
I may have one more Christmas decor project to work on.  "Project wreath" to come.  


  1. You may be more decorated than me. ;0) It all looks so great. Love the little wooden houses too! Julie

  2. You've done a fine job, your apartment
    is looking quite fesrive!

    Love the stars.

    M : )

  3. oh my goodness what a creative soul!
    your Christmas touches are lovely
    and simply elegant. love the thought
    you've put into your decor. and that
    pillow? *very* nice!

  4. It all looks so lovely! Those stars and that pillow are awesome! I must do some hunting on Pinterest and find out how to make those stars. Happy New Year!


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