Thursday, November 5, 2015

"I just wanted to be sure of you"

FRIEND:  A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. 

Someone asked me recently why my photos don't include Japanese friends.  Hopefully, someday they will.  I have learned that it is very difficult to build relationships when you can barely communicate.  I cannot speak Japanese yet, short of hello, goodbye, thank you, I'm sorry, etc. Many Japanese, while they learned English in school, are not also not comfortable in a conversation.  They know similar words in English that I know in Japanese.  It doesn't make for very in-depth conversation.  

For now I am relying on my new expat friends.  Relying heavily in some instances.  My husband is already traveling quite a bit.  In fact, he is in Brazil this week and Argentina next week.  Several of the ladies here have really extended the hand of friendship to me.  I've learned that I don't do well as a loner.  I'm an extrovert.  No doubt about it.  I need people, big time.  

I just thought I'd add a funny photo of my first squatty potty experience.  I REALLY didn't want to try this.  But, sometimes you've got to get with the program, so to speak.

We both conquered the use of the "self-serve" line in this grocery store.  
Thankfully it had an "english" button.
My new friends took me to a thrift store.  And they don't even know me well yet!  I might've jumped at the chance. That was probably a clue.  I bought the beautiful china plates below and the game board they are sitting on.  I really want to go back, but really don't have room for much.  

Another friend took me to Costco, which was such a help.  This is both of our stuff combined, by the way.  I don't even have a membership and she let me go with her.  Which was very generous.  Then she drove me home and helped me unload!  Which is not simple, since I live in the city in an apartment on the 12th floor.  
I have had A LOT of dining opportunities.  Above is my first Indian meal. 
And first for sitting on the floor.  
This was Japanese BBQ.  Most of it was delicious. ;-)

Expat's tend to recognize each other immediately in Japan.  Only 1% of the people in Japan are not Japanese.  So, we really stick out.  This beautiful family was from Norway.  Their little girls were Karen, Maria and Julia. 

Elizabeth and I met when we both tried to pass the driving test.  We both failed.  Here are her boys, Aiden and Robin.  Such a sweet family.  Since then she has passed and I have my second test tomorrow.  I'm trying not to stress about it.  I won't try again, if I fail it this time.  All done.

 Blurry but funny.

These last two pictures are of my close friends in Southern California.  They made a "flat Karen" and took me antiquing with them.  I think we did a few other things together too.  I was told that I created quite a scene.  Silly girls.  I love and miss them a lot.  

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.  
"Pooh!" he whispered. 
"Yes, Piglet?"
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw.  
"I just wanted to be sure of you.

Friends are the best!


  1. Love that Piglet quote. Love that you have dear friends, Karen. You deserve so many. Julie

  2. flat karen. wink. you have some creative, thoughtful, and loving friends "back home." i can't get over the squatty potty! what if you have a bum knee and can't squat very low?! yipes!!!!! glad to see you meeting other people and making the very best out of a fantastic opportunity to live abroad. you are my hero.

  3. How are you doing with the squat potties? I think I must have been translated from Japan to America because all of "weird things" they do over thing seem so natural to me. One day I will visit and maybe live.

  4. Looks like you are doing well.
    Glad you explaied that not EVERYTHING
    in the cart was yours, cause I was going
    say that sure was a trip!
    Love the flat Karen--too funny!

    Hope you test went well.

    M : )


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