Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Friends!!

I met two new friends recently who's husbands also work for Toyota. They've been really nice and have included me in a couple of excursions. Last week M needed to do some shopping for her daughter's birthday. The main shopping district (downtown) is close to my apartment. I met them in the subway and we walked around downtown. As you can see there are some very familiar stores in the area. She found just what she needed at American Eagle.  

This store is not an American brand, even though the name seems familiar.  It carries many things, with each floor being different.  There is an interiors floor, electronics, travel, etcetera.  My FAVORITE floor is the stationery supplies, journals, paper, pens, art supplies, and on and on.  
Here are some photos of that floor.
 Many, many rows of pens.

 Stickers and washi tape.
 Clips, like crazy.

 Oh yeah, baby. Lots of Copic markers at only $2.60 a piece. These are $7 at home.

 Even Martha made an appearance.
Journals for days!
Then we went to a wonderful Japanese restaurant for Shabu Shabu.

Fortunately these tables had spaces beneath them for our legs. 
Getting up and down was interesting, however.  

 Tofu with fish eggs. I tried it.
These sauces are for dipping the meat and vegetables into after they are cooked.  
The left one was not soy sauce, but it was salty.  The right one had a peanut flavor.
This is the thinly sliced beef that you put into the broth.  
On the right are a mixture of vegetables, noodles and tofu.  
This water boils and you put the veggies and meat in to cook. I can't tell you what everything is. The  yellow thing in the front is a mystery to me. But, it tasted okay. There is mushroom, bean sprouts, cabbage, parsley and beef in this photo.
These tables have no spaces for legs!  It was a great day and I'm so grateful for new friends.  If you've seen my "videos" on Instagram and Facebook, these are some of the same photos.  You can just see them better.  By the way, my husband tried the barber in the subway and they did a fabulous job!  This next week is my turn for a haircut! I have an appointment at a salon downtown.  We will see how it goes!


  1. so thankful you're finding your way around and meeting new people. :) i choose to live vicariously through you since we've no chance of living outside the USofA at this point in time. that stationary/journal/neatoPens floor? swoon.

  2. It is always nice to see familiar places.
    Glad that you are getting to meet new people.
    Looks like you had a great day!

    Not to sure about the lunch though...

    M : )

  3. I'm enjoying reading about your Japanese adventures. I must say, you're very brave...I don't know if I could do it, or I'd be a nervous wreck every time I ventured out!!!

  4. What a fun adventure in so many ways! And, how funny that "Old Navy" isn't the same "Old Navy". Very cool that those pens are cheaper. That meal looks like an adventure in itself. Fun! :-D


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