Monday, August 24, 2015

Mac and Cheese and Macarons

I think every crafter needs a desk like this from the Wells Fargo Museum. Small but very interesting free museum. 

Two weeks ago we ventured over to downtown Los Angeles to visit the Japanese consulate. We took all our pre-approved paperwork and handed it over to process our visas. Since it was pre-approved we were able to hang around and pick them up at 3:00. That gave us time to check out the neighborhood. 

In my last post you saw our wonderful tour of the Walt Disney concert hall. I highly recommend the audio self-guided tour of the building. Because of the awesomeness of social media these days, I was able to contact a friend that works downtown and ask about lunch recommendations. She said we were close to Bottega Louie and it was a trendy place to eat. We traipsed a few blocks to 7th and Grand and had lunch there. It also gave me a leg up on my step goal for the day. 

It is definitely a popular place and you are immediately greeted with a beautiful array of desserts, especially the macarons! 

We both ordered salads, mine is the arugula salad pictured and his was a Cobb salad. What I really wanted was the Mac and cheese with bacon. He said he'd help me eat it and boy did he! It was amazing. It was called a "small bite" and wasn't too big. I should've just ordered that and no salad. AND eaten the entire thing by myself. That's what I should've done. Does anyone else out there love Mac and cheese? I have a collection of recipes and have made just a few of them. I don't think any have bacon. I'll have to work on that. We will see if I can buy the necessary ingredients in Japan. It's doubtful. In the end he had a strawberry macaron and mine was lemon. 

We walked back up the hill to the consulate and got our visas. His is a work visa. Mine is a play visa. Yes it is. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun way to wait for visas.
    Oh, do I love Mac and Cheese. My go to when
    I don't feel good.

    How much longer till you are of to Japan?

    M : )


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