Sunday, July 19, 2015

Home Away From Home

Don't you all like "before" pictures? Well, here are the "before" pictures of our new apartment in Japan.  It's actually fairly large for there and I think it's going to be good.  How about this crazy bright front door? This whole experience is going to be a "make it work" experience.

This kitchen is actually very large compared to all the apartments that we saw.  You can see my little dishwasher (white) and my little microwave/convection oven (black).  There are cabinets above and below, but this is all of the counter space.
However, UNHEARD of is an actual pantry, guys!  A pantry that you can walk into.  Most of the kitchens we looked at had no other storage than one row of lower cabinets.  They were basically maybe just three lower cabinets and that's it, so, this is amazing.
There was a girl in the apartment, cleaning and taking pictures.  She had a pile of things in the bathroom, so you can't really see the cabinet here.  I am standing in the doorway to the shower room, photo below.
 Their showers are basically the entire room. The toilets have their own separate room. 
This is the view of the kitchen and the front entry hall from the balcony.  
Still more stuff from the cleaning girl. 
 The yellow door is to the bathroom, the white door is to the back bedroom.
 The door to the front bedroom and looking out of the living room through the balcony.
It has a south facing exposure which will always be bright and sunny. And hot some days.  
 The bedrooms are adjoining through two sliding doors. There is pretty good storage as well.

Exciting stuff!  We are renting furniture and it is not particularly my style, but I'm determined to make this apartment feel like home. With all of the other details to figure out, I'm contemplating how I'm going to manage to decorate it.  I cannot hang anything on the walls and the living room curtains are going to be beige.  So, lots of beige, beige, beige.  I'm formulating a plan as I type. Keep hanging around and see how it progresses.  Moving is set for first of September!


  1. what an adventure! can't wait to see what you do with the place, Karen.

  2. It does look pretty large! Very nice.
    Beige and empty walls, looking forward
    to seeing what you do. How long will you be in Japan?

    M :)

  3. You can't hang anything on the walls? What about all those 3M hook, velcro, and other types of wall hangy things that can just be taken off without a trace? They work really well. They could be a great solution. When do you leave? It'll be interesting to watch how your adventure unfolds. Best wishes!

  4. well hello there.. i found you by way of The Gardener's Cottage blog. :) what a sweet adventure awaits; i'll remember you in prayer as your relocation day draws near. blessings, sherry

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your sweet comment and your prayers!


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