Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Last Minute Call for Help

As I was wrapping my present for the wedding shower, my girlfriend (mother of the bride) texted me to ask if I could take pictures of the day.  She's had an enormous amount of things to deal with lately so I happily agreed.  I never feel like my photography skills are all that great, but something is better than nothing for such a special event, don't you agree?

I was a beautiful day in Southern California and the shower was set at her sister's beautiful home which is perfect for entertaining.  It was a day full of family and friends loving this young couple.
 I love this picture of the interaction between the bride and her dad.

 Our friends, the bride's parents.

 The babies and children were the most fun to photograph.

 I also love this picture of my friend and her son. 
 It took me forever to catch this little guy's picture.  There were a lot of people in between us.

 Grandpa writes individual poems for the grandchildren on special occasions.

 It was such a wonderful day of love and laughter.
Congratulations to Jen and Adam.

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  1. You have nothing to worry about, you captured the
    shower perfectly.
    Great pictures!

    M : )


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