Monday, October 27, 2014

Vision of Grandeur

I think of myself as a frustrated perfectionist.  Or, more accurately a lazy perfectionist.  I think I've told you this before.  I was asked last Spring to head up a big fund raising dinner at our church for this Fall. It was a Capital Fund Raiser to help raise money for some remodeling we need to accomplish.  We are getting too big for our britches, which is a good thing and our building is showing wear and tear which is not so good.  

I have never planned a function for so many people, we had 200 signed up. I had a wonderful team helping me out. Thank goodness! There were the normal headaches. There were some big, huge problems that we didn't find out about until we were setting up.  All in all, I had to let go of my "ideal" and embrace what could be accomplished in the time and with the resources we had.  There's no Martha Stewart here! I did try, however.  
 I bought some beautiful varieties of pumpkins and gourds for the centerpieces and decor.

 We packed my car to the gills, twice!
 We set up 25 tables of centerpieces.  I wanted to incorporate fresh vegetables also, which was fun.  It made for some beautiful color and variety.  This is bugging me because the beets should've been laying off to the side.  Hmmm, I should try to roast those this week.
 I added a red-veined kale to my trophy.  Someone fiddled with this arrangement and it's not set up right.  But, I didn't know about it until I saw the picture.  Just letting it go. . . 
 My girlfriend bought these beautiful fabric pumpkins from her friend. They were meticulously made.
 She and I both had matching lanterns.  They were a little tall, but were fun to use anyway. 
 This is why I made an apple pie yesterday!

I barely got these pictures taken, that's why they aren't the best.  We worked for hours setting up with several people helping.  It's amazing how long this can take.  I learned a lot.  

Here's one last perfect picture for your viewing pleasure.  This would've been my ideal for every table. 
If only.  
A girl can dream can't she?

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  1. They all look great but that last one is gorgeous! Wow! Looks like it all came together quite well! Congratulations! I hope the fundraising efforts paid off. :-)


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