Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On Track

I can't say I'm on track with many of my goals these days, but one I have continued to be consistent on is my new art journal venture.  I've told you about this project before but wanted to give you an update.  Here's the progress I've made since my last "show and tell".

 Challenge 8 - Add a flap
I used an old seed packet I found and a favorite picture of my girls.
 Challenge 9 - collage something recycled
I used pieces from download instructions from Claudine Hellmuth's little houses, 
a fruit label, part of a flour label, and magazine letters. 
 Challenge 10 - What Makes Me, Me.  Just doodled.
Challenge 11 - Put a bird on it. 
I used vintage wallpaper and book page, a deli paper birdie and scrapbook paper.
 Challenge 12 - cut up a magazine.
I cut up several fashion girls from a In-Style magazine, glued them onto a painted background.  
It prompted a scripture verse about not going along with the crowd, Romans 12:2
 Challenge 13 - Have someone else draw in your journal and make something out of it. 
My husband draws pretty well, so I asked him to draw something.  Not surprising that it was a picture of the hills and his new bicycle. 
 I wasn't sure what to do with it, so first I painted it with watercolors.
 I decided to add a deli paper overlay and thought it needed a lady watching over him.
Challenge 14- Write your name and embellish it. 
I basically copied someone else's very cool doodles of her name.
Challenge 15 - Monotone
I decided to use pink. 
 I'm not so good at this stuff, but I had fun using a stencil, punchinella, shape stamps and doodling.  
I added the scripture from Philippians 4:19 in white.  

Do you consistently keep an art journal, a prayer journal, or gratitude journal?


  1. Your pages not only are quite lovely but have a sense if peace about them. Think ill book mark your blog!

  2. Your pages are beautiful Karen. I love what you did with your husband's bicycle drawing (wait till you see what my husband drew for me to work with lol) ;))

  3. Very cool! Looks like you're having a lot of fun! The guide you're using that says what to do seems really helpful. Otherwise, I wouldn't know where to start.

  4. I love these pages - especially the 1st one! thank you for sharing them.

    I'd love to see your creative space if you're comfortable sharing it. I am in the process of turning my son's old room into my creative space & would love to see your ideas.

  5. Karen, I love your decorated letters in your name. Such wonderful doodles!

  6. Karen, you are so very talented. I know you call them doodles, but so lovely. I enjoy seeing your pages from your journal and hope you continue to share.
    Thank you.


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