Thursday, April 24, 2014

Middle School Journaling

A couple of weeks ago, our Mid-High Youth Pastor asked me if I would come and talk to the teens about creative journaling.  She had given them journals at the beginning of the school year, but they needed some inspiration.  She had recently seen my Documented Life Journal and joined the Facebook group herself.  I gathered some materials and thoughts for the night and shared with them last Wednesday.  
Many of them had never thought of adding creativity to their journals.  I talked to them about how to keep thoughts private.  I showed them how they could use photographs.  We talked about all the various materials that could be used.  I encouraged them to "make it their own" and not worry about what someone else does.  Some of them are good artists, some like to write, some may just write lists and some love to take pictures.  I tried to cover as many different interests as I could think of.  I even encouraged the boys who may like to draw cars, superheroes, or sports figures.  

I knew that not all of them would take to it.  It was exciting to see some of them really interested and asking questions.  You can see the big fort they built before I got there.  It was the biggest and most amazing fort I have ever seen.  You could tell they loved it.  I love teenagers.


  1. How fun! I bet the things you shared will stick with some of them for life. I had a friend that was into doing similar things when I was in high school (she was a Campus Crusade staff person I worked with) and she was such an inspiration in that way. So creative and fun! I hold those memories dear and it opened up a lot of ideas and ways of thinking for me. I just know you've done the same for some of them. How exciting! I didn't realize you found the journal project on FB. I thought it was a blog. I just hopped over to check it out but saw it was a closed group. How did you find it? Is it people you know?

  2. What fun for you AND the girls. Looks like everyone had a great time.

    M :)


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