Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Succulent Spring!

Years ago, I might not have recognized the beauty of succulents. During our years of living in the Midwest and New England succulents were not in vogue.  Now, living in Southern California, they are a necessity. I visited a new-to-me nursery last week. They had some lovely containers and gardens to walk through. 
 You could plant in an old washing machine.
 Or an old bathtub.
 Just gorgeous all jammed packed together in this pot.

 These two different rose bushes looked beautiful together.

 I took this little beauty home with me.
Only to have it spill over twice in my car on the way home. 
I did salvage it, but couldn't get it all to fit back in.
Here's a view of our back slope with a little peek at our new garden shed. 
Happy Spring!!


  1. Good Morning Karen, My goodness, what a fabulous final photograph.... you are a very lucky lady to have that spectacular view. Are the flowers Gazzinia? Succulents are plants which I don't grown in England, but when I lived in Cyprus they were the plant of choice, because they thrived in the sunshine. I loved the bath which had been planted up as it reminded me of the stone sink which we planted with succulents.
    Best Wishes

  2. Oh wow! Your back slope is gorgeous and your little shed is so cute....wish I had one. What is that flower blooming all over the place? So sorry your succulent pot tipped over, I hate when that happens.
    Happy spring Karen!

  3. So pretty! Your slope is lovely.
    We do lean towards the flowers here in the Midwest
    but I know some prefer the succulents too.

    M :)

  4. The flowers on your slope are beautiful and the succulents are really quite pretty - not any varieties I have seen before. I like how your shed has turned out, very nice looking.
    I am in NW Ohio, so we don't really have any flowers coming up yet -still too much snow and now we are getting rain. Wish we could ship some of it to you.


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