Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Little Get Away

I'm such a bad blogger lately. Sorry for the lack of communication. I totally forgot that I had not shown you pictures from our trip to Palm Springs in late January. We have some close friends that use their time share points to go to Palm Springs every winter. They invited us to join them.  
Can you see those C R A Z Y cyclers? This is a very steep road with a lot of hairpin turns. They must have a death wish, I think.

Our time share was beautiful.
 The first day we went to Joshua Tree National Park to hike.
 It is in two different deserts.  One being the Mojave Desert. Deserts are dry, but this one was unbelievably so. There was barely any hint of life. It should've been greening up for our "wet" season.
My husband spotted a herd of elk sheep (my husband got a laugh when I said elk) from the road. They were a long way from us, but I used my telephoto lens for this.

 They were posing for us.
 We went on a 7.2 mile hike. Not that I'm counting.

 This barrel cactus had an amazing color.

 The sand was very deep as we approached the half-way point.  My legs were getting pretty tired.
 Proof that I actually did the thing.
As we got all the way in, we found ice along a creek. IN THE DESERT. So, strange.
Don't worry, I'll have more pictures next time. Just to be honest, hiking in the desert was never on my bucket list. But, it was incredibly beautiful. Have you ever visited or hiked in the Mojave Desert? 


  1. Good for you! Way to go.

    Never been to California.
    Pictures are beautiful.

    M : l

  2. Your 7.2 mile comment made me laugh. Reminds me when we traveled to Oregon and we took a multi-mile hike (8 miles if I remember?) and thinking, "Oh, we can do that. No problem!" Well, the downhill and flat areas were easy, but half the trail was uphill, and it was brutal! We spent the entire next day recovering in our hotel room, we were so sore.


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