Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Count Down

I'm sure you're feeling like me, a little behind on Christmas preparations. I made a very long list tonight of things to get done ASAP. Today I spent all day with two friends decorating our church sanctuary for Christmas. This was our first year with this responsibility and we updated everything. 
Of course, we were on a budget. We decided on a neutral, natural theme. Nature's gifts of pine cones were gathered and dipped in white paint. 
Somewhere I saw an idea for banners. I thought names of Jesus would be appropriate. I used the old window-as-a-light box trick and Sharpie markers. The cream burlap ribbon worked beautifully. 

We used big, mixed garlands to add interest to the big tree. We also bundled sets of three different ornaments together for bigger impact.

There are also probably 10 or 11 more trees with just white lights on them. We love how they turned out. Now on to our own homes! Have you finished your Christmas decorating already? 

*Pardon the wonky photo placement.  Part of this post was done on my phone the rest, on my computer. 


  1. So pretty! I like the natural theme.
    In regards to decorating here? Ummm
    NO! Wheels are turning though.

    M :)

  2. Beautiful, I love the burlap! The blessings of Christ. You are a good steward. Di@Cottage-wishes

  3. I can just imagine how wonderful your church sanctuary must look, Karen. And how satisfying it must be for you and the other members of the committee to be able to create such a simple and beautiful place for church members to celebrate the season.

  4. Hello Dear, Enjoyed this post. I too love looking at design blogs but I have realized that most things do cost more money and take more time but I still find inspiration. Interior design ideas

  5. Oh my goodness! Your decorating turned out BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the names of Jesus on the tree. How wonderful for you to have the privilege of decorating the church!

  6. Love your ideas, might need to use those for church next year. we have no budget though!


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