Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hiking in Idaho

While in Idaho, we spent a couple of days hiking.  We hiked four miles each day. My husband and friends are experienced hikers.  Me not so much. Our first hike was the Box Lake Trail.
 This area had been burned in a wildfire in 1996, I think. You could still see so much of it. 
 It was pretty hot. We were airing out. 

We didn't go the entire way.  It would've been an 8 mile hike! I would've passed out.
 A little goofing off was required.

The second day we hiked to Louie Lake.

 My husband and I actually saw an eagle catching a fish!
It was fun, especially after the fact. 


  1. What a beautiful area to hike in! How fun! And, I'm so excited for you that you've started hiking. Be's addicting! :-)

  2. oh how fun!! what a gorgeous place to go hiking! i love that photo looking up to the blue sky with the sun just behind the clouds...gorgeous! thanks again for giving me the heads up on the magazine article!!

  3. Looks like you had a fun adventure.
    The views are spectacular!

    M :)


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