Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Decorating - Have A Look Around

 Welcome to my home.  I thought I'd give you a glimpse of my Fall decorating this year.  This is the entryway.  I thought it would be fun to make a stack of pumpkins.  I've already bought a new gold velvet pillow from Target for one of these chairs since this picture was taken.  I'm going to have to go back for another one.  

I like to include old family photos in my decorating, especially when they tie in seasonally.  We were climbing on rocks in a New Hampshire stream in this photo above, probably in 1994 or so.  The glass box is from Pottery Barn and the faux acorns are from Home Goods.  Vintage silverplate and doilies add gleam and texture.  
When you come in the door and look to the right you'll see my Living Room. It's bright and sunny in here.  It's even better since I had it painted.  The color is BM Revere Pewter.  You can see that post here.  I went simple on this mantle with gourds and candles.  I have a tendency to over do, so I'm attempting to simplify things.  I didn't seem to stick to that in the Family Room.  
The living room and dining room are together.  All I added was this beautiful blue pumpkin.  The lace tablecloth I bought the last time we went to Matilda's Mouse Barn Sale. The candlesticks are from Pottery Barn.  Boy, I wish my daughter still worked there.

Now we're in the Family Room. I did this entire mantle based off of the Carl Larsson print I found at a thrift store a few weeks ago. It was $14 and it has been cut down.  It's not the entire print. The candles and candlesticks are from Pottery Barn. I bought my stencil letters off of e-bay a few years ago. I have several  handmade baskets from when I lived in Massachusetts and of course old books, bottles and real apples finish it off.  

This cupboard is on the way to the kitchen. I love my Emma Bridgewater pottery and my small collection of ironstone.
 I changed up my island with some random diner dishes and antique kitchen items.
 We'll see how long this stays full!
 I went to the Farmer's Market today and brought home these beautiful Lisianthus.
And last in the kitchen is the dough bowl.  This time I've filled it with items to cook/bake with.  I got a few of these little things last weekend at an antique fair that my HH and I happened upon. I know I haven't shown you the big room pictures in this post.  However, there are already 16 pictures here and you're eyes are probably already glazed over.  Thanks for visiting and especially if you've read all the way down to HERE. Hope you're enjoying Fall wherever you are!

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  1. it all looks great karen! i love the carl larsson print! i am a big fan of his art and the charming home he lived in. you were lucky to find that.
    happy fall!

  2. Karen, you have such great ideas. I really like the goodies you've collected in the dough bowl. I always wonder what to do with things like the little tins that will have an impact. Your entry is beautiful.

  3. You are farther along than I but
    I am starting. I guess that's

    Evrrything looks very festive!

    M :)


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