Saturday, May 18, 2013

Making It Mine

We had several of the rooms on our main floor painted last week. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but couldn't decide on a paint color. That's such a tricky decision, isn't it? Our home was entirely painted brown before we moved in. In some cases, and in some seasons, it was lovely. In the end, I decided to lighten things up. Making one change always affects something else and this is no exception. The entire main part of the house looks cohesive now, until you walk into the kitchen.  I won't be showing you that transition. Also, my photography isn't the best here, partially because of the light and partially because it's entirely on my iPhone.  My Canon and MAC laptop have decided to stop speaking.  I don't know who ticked off who, but I wish they'd figure it out soon.  

In progress.
Here is the Living Room area in brown.
Here it is in Revere Pewter. 
I've covered the piano to protect it from the sun, cuz I just like my window open, okay?
(funny thing is, the wall over the stairs on the right, is a different color.  It's SW Kilim Beige)
Living Room Mantle on Brown
I think the family photo walls looks much better.  We had one fatality however off of the top shelf.  This entire arrangement is still a work in progress.  Maybe one day I'll be happy with it.

Entry area in Brown
Entry in Revere Pewter
Dining Room in Brown
(shhh, it looks really pretty in this photo)
Dining room in Revere Pewter
I think it's the light or angle, or photographer or all three.
Here are the colors of my Family Room and Living Room now.  
Much, much lighter.


  1. Looks good! Revere pewter was actually a top contender for us until I found Martha Stewart's Bedford grey. Good Boice.

  2. Karen,
    First, what a beautiful home you have..
    I think you have made a good choice with the color... It looks beautiful and opens it up.

  3. The change is a real success. I'm doing the same at the moment, I've nearly repaintes the whole house. Today they will start to make the new floor. I hope the change will have the same great effect as in your house.


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