Sunday, April 7, 2013

Veggie Love

So you probably thought this was going to be about amazing, healthy vegetables. Well, technically, it is, even though I know I'm not suppose to be eating potatoes. I know already! But, I just couldn't help tasting this new recipe I made today. I baked some sweet potatoes for myself which would've made for a prettier photo, but these Salt Baked Potatoes smelled out of this world. I had a 1 inch slice out of my husband's potatoes. ONE INCH, I tell you. It was totally worth it. You have to be willing to eat the skins in order to not miss the amazing goodness, though. I pinned the recipe and found it on Our Best Bites. I have never cooked anything on a bed of salt. I also didn't have rosemary so improvised with some thyme from my garden. It was still delicious.

The next fantastic veggie on my plate are Green Beans with Crisp Shallots from my Mark Bittman cookbook, How to Cook Everything, the Basics.  I found it online at Serious Eats. Give it a try and don't forget the almonds.  They add the perfect crunch.  This makes your green beans stellar.  I've made it twice since Easter and they've been perfect every time.  F A B U L O U S.  

You can see that I had half of a grilled boneless pork chop.  The only trick to this was I used my new digital thermometer to make sure the thick chops were done all the way through.  I was tired of singeing my hand while trying to hold the old fashioned thermometer long enough for it to get to the temperature.  I found mine at Williams Sonoma.  Hope you try one of these recipes.  You won't be disappointed!


  1. Comfort food kicked up about five notches! Isn't it amazing how just a small portion of something "real" that is carefully prepared can be so delicious and satisfying? And who needs green bean casserole when you can have this version? I read an article about Mark Bittman's cookbook not too long ago. Thought it might be an updated "go to" source?

  2. This is how I usually bake my potatoes. My brother taught me this trick about 13 yrs ago. They are very good!


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