Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mushrooms, Cows and Little Girls

What is it that makes something "speak" to me? I have no idea. I'm sure sometimes it's a current trend or magazine article that I've recently read. Trophy's have been immensely popular collectibles in recent years.  Sometimes I'm stubborn and don't get on the bandwagon just because everybody else does. I've given in on this one. It had my maiden name on it.  It's kind of a funky cheap brass color.  I like it.  I especially like it on this blue box.  
Then there's the cow trend.  Mostly up close and personal cows. IN YOUR FACE COWS. I really do like those too. I figured I could get away with a cow in a pasture a little easier. It's really pretty on my mantle. It's so hard to get a good, non-reflective photo on my mantle. I just don't think it's possible. So, you'll have to be okay with a view of my ceiling fan and pot lights. 
Now my mushroom is NOT a current trend. HH just doesn't get it. I can understand that, but I do. Again, I like him a lot. Maybe I'll start a new trend. Well, cute mushrooms with red polka-dotted caps are trendy, that's true. So, maybe I'm not too original on this one either. 
This darling, little Chalkware girl came home with me also.  She's just sweet. So there you have it, my purchases from last week's Matilda's sale. There is also a red clock, but it's put away for another day. I had an awesome field trip with girlfriend's yesterday. I'll show you pictures soon!  


  1. I can't believe I missed it again! Was it on Easter weekend or the weekend before? Looks like you found a lot of stuff this time. I like the cow picture. What a classic/old fashioned trophy shape. Does it have a date on it?

  2. I appreciate your meaningful, intuitive style of decorating your home, Karen. If that makes sense? You really know how to "layer" and mix old and new objects to tell stories. Your home must be a very special place due to this talent.

    I too prefer my cows to be more pastoral. There are paintings at the National Gallery in D.C. that I always try to visit for that reason.

  3. Always so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your finds and displays


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