Monday, January 28, 2013

Wings of Love Antiques

This last weekend was our monthly Matilda's Mouse barn sale.  I say "our" because I'm a regular.  Several of the vendors know me by name.  That's probably a bad thing, isn't it?  Shhhh, don't tell HH.  Their theme for February was appropriately named "On The Wings of Love".  There was a lot of pink and Valentines and lace, etc.  I thought you might like a peek. They pulled out the Johnny Jump-ups to brighten things up.

These vintage ribbons were perfectly embellished for Valentine's Day. 

Looks like I need to pull out my pink glass garland for February.

 Gale did a great job of displaying jewelry with bulbs and potting soil or bird seed.  
Perfect for the theme, I think. 

 Look at that dress!

 My friend went home with one of these very cute frog princes.

This birdhouse made me think of Mary Engelbreit, don't you think? They do such a great job.


  1. Have heard of Matilda's Mouse for years here, but never had the chance to go...YET! Living, vicariously, through you this morning, thank you - beautiful things - can't pick a favorite, but that dress DOES ROCK!!! Hope your week is wonderful - looks like we're in for rain, again, today, here in Vegas. Tanya

  2. How lovely! the coffeepot and the chair...I would have liked them.Thanks for the lovely photos.

  3. Hello!
    I've come over from Pam Garrison's (I read your comment) - I'm the one who took the poor (so very sorry!!!) photo outside of French General for you and your friends Saturday morning. I said I was bad at pictures and I sure lived up to my reputation, I'm so very sorry WAH!
    I love your RS project in your banner, so much fun to get to see it. It's fabulous! I'm so disappointed with mine and am going to start all over. It was all brand new to me and I was a bit lost and overwhelmed.
    Such fun to see your lovely blog, I'll look forward to visiting again.

  4. I missed it again? It always seems to happen on weekends that I'm swamped with things to do. We moved DD to her new place last weekend. Well, I hope I can make it again someday. Still wishin' I'd bought that old typewriter book last time. Silly me! Did you get anything this time?

  5. Hi Karen,

    So many lovely items. It is like being in a candy store! I love that silver coffee pot and cloche.

  6. Such fun photos. I love those ribbons! I can see why you are a regular. How do you hold yourself back??

  7. The antique show looks like so much fun - some gorgeous items for sale there.


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