Sunday, October 21, 2012

Come Take a Walk With Me

 I found a new place to walk when I'm at our apartment. It's called The Strand and runs for several miles along the beach in the Los Angeles area.
There is a lot to look at, including many sand volleyball games.

 The surfers were even enjoying the morning that day.
This vintage motel sign was entertaining.

Not only were the sea gulls walking around, but there were people walking, running, cycling, roller blading.  I also saw a recumbent bike and a crazy three wheeled scooter. I definitely think I'll be walking on The Strand again. 


  1. Karen...this is just a incredible moment for me! When I clicked on your post and started reading about the strand you found, it brought to mind the strand I walked on thirty years ago on a solo trip that I took to California. I walked along the strand a lot, watched all the fun going on and enjoyed my solitary trip. Then...I saw the picture of the motel you posted with the retro sign. That's where I stayed!! The Sea Sprite Inn! Hermosa Beach, right? OMG! It's so bittersweet and I'm happy to see the motel is still standing. And your pictures stirred up so many memories for me that I haven't thought of in years. You just don't know what your post meant to me! Thank you!


  2. That's awesome! I think I'd be down there every day. :-)

  3. I love Jane's serendipitous moment :)

    If I were there...I'd walk the Strand, too.
    I need to be on a beach.
    I probably need a good week.
    I think I could maybe relax by the end of it (!)

    Sharon H.

  4. What a wonderful atmosphere you get to soak up.
    love the sea gull prints


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