Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lovely Day

One of the days my friend was here we started with a hike.  Thank goodness it was cloudy.
The clouds kept it cool.
After getting stuck for 90 minutes in a traffic jam, we had a quick lunch where this "Woody" was in the parking lot. They were prepared to go surfing! We spent the rest of the day shopping. I specifically wanted to visit Paper Source. I think we spent two hours there. I was so distracted by everything that I only took two pictures. The one below is my favorite. The papers are so beautiful. I was also in the check out line with Allen Arkin. I'm actually shocked that his name appeared in my brain. 
This one reminded me of my Son-in-Law. Bet you can't guess why.
Next door was Anthropologie.  Their gorgeous window displays drew us inside.
This "chandelier" is made out of mop heads and beads. 
Sorry about the reflection.

I loved this tablescape. It was very creative, as usual.

 We finished the day with a yummy dinner at PF Chang's. It was a lovely day. 

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