Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Deals and Steals

I decided recently to start a small collection of "silver" handled brushes to display in my guest bath in this apothecary jar. I saw the idea somewhere, probably Pinterest. I thought it was lovely and so kept my eyes open for these brushes. A local antique shop had a few that were very pricey, about $65 a piece! That wasn't going to fly. So, I checked ebay, where they were going for $30 - $40, probably some were even less. I never ended up bidding on any. There's something about seeing it for yourself before you purchase. A couple of weeks ago when my friends and I went antiquing on a very HOT Friday, I found these. I think the most expensive one was $32. I probably got all four for less than the antique store's price. That was a good deal, I think. It's just the beginning, but really, I don't need many more.  

I'm not finished with this little arrangement, but you can get the idea. Now for the STEAL. Our town has a Facebook group for selling items. Usually it's for children's clothing, toys, and household items. I was selling some moving boxes and was on the site the other day when these antique hand mirrors popped up for sale. I jumped on that since there were being sold for $20. The entire set of 7 for $20! Now, they're old and show some wear, but, I think they're lovely.  

I think I'm going to hang them in a grouping in the same guest bath. Below are some ways I could use them. If I hang them, I've just got to make sure they're secure. It would be bad if they fell off of the wall in an earthquake. Wasn't that a great steal?



  1. Your brush display is looking great! I like the different colors. And, what a deal on those mirrors! That's awesome! That FB page sounds interesting. What's it called? I like the bottom picture a lot too. I also like the one with the heads...kinda goes with my crazy hand collection. :-)

  2. great find karen!! 20 bucks is the idea of hanging them gallery style with the mirrors facing outwards! did i see something on facebook about you sitting in front of a fan? did you lose your a/c?? it is still so hot and dry here...i am so over it! no rain from the hurricane either. i am ready for fall.
    take care,

  3. Well I guess so...only $20. You would pay way more just for one. I love that you included all the ways to display them. I have a silver brush set I bought at Filenes years ago. It's not old but I use it everyday. The comb is shot and I should throw it out...someday.


  4. A FB group for selling things? Tell us more!


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