Sunday, July 1, 2012

Best of Summer

I've decided to do an occasional post called Best of Summer. It will just be random, when the mood strikes. I know, exciting stuff, huh? Gripping really. 
Don't you just love the farmer's market?  I love getting fresh fruit and vegetables during the summer.  We get fresh produce all year round here in SoCal, but the summer is the best! Look at these gorgeous cherries! I mean, who doesn't like a beautiful, fresh cherry? Okay, well, probably somebody. 
I also bought flowers for my Fourth decorations, obviously. These were your pretty standard grocery store type flower bundles.  Doesn't everyone grow dark purple daisies in their yard? They work really well for Independence Day. Maybe I should've bought the gorgeous delphiniums at a different booth.
Berries are my favorite. I've been eating a lot of them lately. I wish they'd stay in season FOREVER.  But then maybe we wouldn't treasure them so much.  I bought extra to make this trifle for our church BBQ. I found it here on Pinterest, big surprise.
 It was half gone by the time I got through the line.
I also played with my mantle a little. I pulled out my PB galvanized stars, flags and my Statue of Liberty. Confession: I didn't really get her while visiting NYC. I've never seen her in person. But, if I had, I certainly would have come home with a little statue, most definitely. Just saying that Ebay is very handy, maybe too handy.
 My HH has books that are perfect for the occasion.
 Two weeks ago I came home from my parents' with this clock that was my Great Grandmother's.
I propped George Washington and Ben Franklin next to it. They feel right at home.
For some reason, I find it difficult to take a good picture of this mantle.  It's probably because of the reflection in the mirror. Hopefully, you get the idea.  I hope your Fourth of July festivities are safe and happy ones! Fourth of July and the farmer's market are some of the BEST things of summer!

I'm joining Hello Monday with Lisa Leonard for the first time! 

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  1. The berry and cherry photos are great! Did you take them? Makes me want to run out and get some. Yum!


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