Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pop of Red

A couple of weeks ago I found this little table for $25.  Not a bad price for such a cutie.  
The drab yellow was kind of ho hum, though.
 There was an aqua layer underneath, which would've been much prettier!
  It's been transformed to a BRIGHT red!
Now this spot is perfect for reading a book with a cup of tea. 


  1. Such a great find and it looks good in it's new color! What a wonderful place to sit and relax...especially with the view you have! :-)

  2. Oh what a difference a pop of red makes. Spray or brush? Have a bookself that needs painting but too lazy to do all those sides with a brush. Of course, tried to "embiggen" your photo and snoop at what you're reading. :-)

    Did you watch all of Birdsong? Regretfully, I didn't. April was a very challenging month. Will try to catch online on Masterpiece.


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