Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garden Tour

 Santa Rosa Plateau Garden Tour was today. The pink plant on the left is Jupiter's Beard and on the right is Cistus or Rock Rose.  
 This is an owl sculpture.
 A meditation garden is in front as you walk to the courtyard.
These antique doors open into the courtyard.
The next house had 150 rose bushes and two beautiful ponds. It was hot and we wore our hats!

My favorite spot was under the olive tree.
 There are a lot of horses up here. It also seems like everyone has a flag pole.

 We said hello to this guy.
 The next house had water EVERYWHERE!
 Some little kids had a great treehouse in a dead oak tree.
 There was a "beach" and a zip line in this huge pool. 
 Maybe you'd feel like jumping on the trampoline to dry off.
 Water fall after water fall after water fall.
We ended the day with lunch on my balcony instead of at the event. 
There are my kale chips that are pretty good.  I had a lovely day.

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