Monday, March 26, 2012

Am I Too Late?

Several months ago a good friend of mine (hi Nancy) dug up her daffodils before redoing the landscaping in her back yard. She gave me all the bulbs. I have never put them out. Very bad me. I did try, but had to wait on our landscapers to finish some work, then I never got back out there. I also figured they would be great food for the gopher's mentioned in my last post. I could also be just ever so slightly lazy.  
 I decided today to put some in a fun skillet I bought at a thrift store.

 I love the curly handles. Poor things were trying their best to flower.
 They look so sad and yellow.

A few pebbles, some water and sun and they should be growing like crazy soon.  
Who says you only force bulbs in the winter?


  1. Bravo, Karen! You may enjoy this skilletful of color more than an entire bed out in the yard--less is more? Even if you just get greenery that would look nice, I think.

  2. The more room the bulb has, the better the flower (or so i have heard). Love it!


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