Thursday, February 2, 2012

Laundry Room Decorations

This is my lame attempt at making the clothes pin wreath I found on Pinterest.  Somehow it is NOT as easy as it looks.  It would also look much better on a pretty blue wall as in Kimba's laundry room. Here are her instructions.  I can just imagine pins popping off in the night.  I have no idea how she got them all to lay so perfectly.

I decided to stop waiting for the perfect idea to come my way and just get these decorations up on the wall.  I am, you know, having a Super Bowl party and I'm just sure everyone's going to be in the laundry room. Well, having company coming does make me get things finished. I have a small, beginning collection of vintage dust pans.  Instead of waiting till there is the perfect number to make a lovely grid, I started with what I have.  Three.  That's it, three makes a collection, doesn't it? I use the tin box for my dryer sheets. The jar below if for laundry soap. Sorry the photo is so dark.  There is absolutely no time of the day when this room is bright.  So, this is about as good as it gets.
I'm also using my cute, old towel bar from Curious Sofa when she had a brick and mortar store. I sure do miss going there when visiting my parents in Kansas City. I still want to wallpaper or paint this room one day. I really love a Farrow and Ball wallpaper, but that's quite expensive for a laundry room. 
Wouldn't that be cute?


  1. I love that wallpaper! I think you should go for it! You spend time in there and you should enjoy it! :-) Cute wreath!

  2. Well, I'm impressed with your clothes peg wreath - love your laundry room too (can't believe I am writing this!).

  3. you may not have the wallpaper or the color in there you want yet, but I think your collection and how it's displayed is just wonderful. The wreath looks great. Love this idea.

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