Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gardens, Antiques and No Burger

I drove to Carlsbad yesterday to meet with my Landscape Designer and the contractor to look at a project in a beautiful neighborhood there.  Gorgeous landscapes were all over the neighborhood. This one got our attention right away with it's beautiful Autumn Flame stone bridge and "stream bed" of chunky, glittering stones. It was stunning.

This yard is more of what we're going to be using in our yard. Probably not as heavily packed. Lavender, rosemary, New Zealand flax, Sea Lavender and Daisies, all drought tolerant. Unfortunately the pictures aren't quite as clear.

Their neighbors had this incredible piece of art in the front yard.  I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. 
The flowers spun in the wind.
On the way home I stopped by the Urban Barn in Escondido.  I totally forgot that I wanted to visit 
Paper Source in Carlsbad as well.  I was really looking forward to it too! Geez!
Do you need a huge birdcage,
 or glittered tissue paper flowers?
This booth had tons of crafting supplies

and sweet, little cotton baby clothes.
 I love the collection of giant letters,
 and the sweet heart lavender sachet.
So, what did I come home with you ask?
 First, this little scale because she had a red top! Notice the UNEATEN Valentine candy.  Yes, thank you very much.  I HAVE been a good girl, well, relatively speaking. 
Secondly, I came home with this big mortar and pestle. Since my Grandpa Stone was a pharmacist I've always thought of him whenever I've seen these.  He's below in middle with the white shirt. This is how I remember him.


  1. Pretty gardens! I love that look! You can get those moving wind sculptures from the Worthington Gallery in Springdale, Utah. We see them every time we go and just love them. Here's a link to their site and the page that has one in that shape..."Tulip"... They can probably ship them. But, if you can figure out the name of the artist from that website, you might be able to track him/her down and find his/her work locally. Then, you could see them all in person. They're wonderful! Looks like you're having a lot of fun with the creation of your landscape. It sounds/looks like it's going to be beautiful! :-)

  2. love your top on the scale is adorable, i have never seen one in red!! my grandpa ralph was a pharmacist in hankinson, north dakota...i think of him whenever i see a mortar and pestle......glad you are moving forward with the landscaping...can't wait to see more of them....those spinning flowers are super cool, and would be fun to have...

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  6. I love the kind of landscaping you have in your area. Heat tolerant and low maintenance. Hubby always wanted to desert house. Unlikely to happen but it's a nice dream.

    Love the shop you visited...such fantastic pieces. Your collection on the kitchen is perfect. Good for you for staying away from the Val. Day candy. I have some too and I'm shocked I've been able to just pass right by,


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