Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Super Bowl Prep

We've decided to host a Super Bowl Party at our new house this year. It is also going to be a farewell for a fun couple that are moving to Texas.  Boo hiss!  Well, back to the party.  I've verbally invited several people, but have ordered these fun invitations.

Stacie has a lot of simple, cute products.  You can visit her at her Etsy store.
I'm anxious to see how mine turned out.

Since the entertainment is provided, the next most important element is the food. I think I'm making tacos. I use a recipe I found YEARS ago from Flylady's website. It's a Crockpot recipe that you HAVE to try. It's amazing. I like it better with beef than chicken, Spicy Mexican Beef.  It's not all that spicy. OH MY, this is fantastic. I will also make my homemade salsa, which is basically a Pico de Gallo. I'm sure my guests will bring lots of other foods, but I've found some fun ideas on Pinterest lately, when I should be doing other things.  It just sucks me in.  Here are some more ideas.

 Individual Seven Layer Dips

I may have to try these CHEDDAR BACON RANCH PULLS again.  It was deliciously decadent.

These football deviled eggs are cute!

This person was clever with their guacamole dip.  Do you have any fun suggestions for a Super Bowl Party?  Are you hosting one as well?


  1. We're having a super bowl party too! I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I think I'll start first with taking down our christmas tree.

  2. Just looking at the "Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls" is making my mouth water and I just had dinner!


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