Saturday, January 21, 2012

Before The Green

I thought I'd show you an update on our front yard project, obviously before any plants are added. 

 We resurfaced the front porch and took out the sidewalk.

 We added a faux stream bed into the actual drainage area.
 We moved boulders from another part of our property.  Now, that was a huge job!
 We widened the driveway.  Part of this is going to be redone.  It didn't quite work out right. 
In the distance you can see my urn fountain. 
This urn had a crack, so we have a different urn and it has yet to get hooked up.  More on that later.

 We added beautiful stone steps down to the back.
Here's just a peek at the before picture.
Not bad so far, don't you think?
The beginning started here.


  1. "not bad" at all!!! the hardscape is lookin good, karen! i an not wait to see some plantings. did you get picked for jury duty? you probably did, due to your honest and peaches and cream look...i am sure the other lawyers could see you are an upright person! i served on several juries, just from my "look"...the lawyers never even questioned me...just went on the wholesome all american "look", i guess....if they only knew...just kiddin. sorry i have not been around as much...winter blues here...i need some sunshine OR some snow!

  2. This is looking amazing. You are creating a beautiful outdoor retreat there. Love the views.
    Blessings to you

  3. What a difference in the before and after design. It has such an organic feel. I especially love the dry stream bed and the steps. Will the finished landscape have a lot of green? Doesn't seem that it would need a lot.

    Like your new header, Karen. I must learn to do that.

  4. The flat stones in front of your porch and beside the drive...are all of those just "floating" in sand/gravel/soil...or are the ones beside the drive cemented in? I want to do a small patio of those, but will have to do it all myself...just wondering how yours were installed!

  5. I love your front door entry! :-)


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