Saturday, December 3, 2011

Up, Up And Away

It's been very windy here lately.  You've probably heard about some of the damage on the news.  Wind IS weather out here.  Took me a few years to realize that.  Well, this morning we woke up to some beautiful clouds and fog in the valley. It sort of looks like two mountain ranges in our view.
Then later in the morning, some brave souls were flying hot air balloons really, really high and much closer than we've ever seen.
We've seen hot air balloons before.  You can see how far away they usually are on this post.
All I can say, is that they are very, very brave.


  1. I heard about your winds and I'm glad to hear that you didn't suffer any damage.

    Your photos are beautiful! Hot air balloons are so fun to look at but I can't say I would ever go up in one! My adventurous days are over, I'm afraid!

    Have a lovely weekend, Karen!


  2. just beautiful photos. i've always wanted to take a balloon ride. looks like such fun. (:

  3. Brave? Or, Crazy?! I saw one this morning too. My husband saw one crash years ago and they were drug for about half a mile. Yikes! I like your view though. :-)


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