Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pinterest To The Rescue!

Well, I know you have to be as addicted to Pinterest as I am. If not, you should be. With all of the holiday parties going on, it's an invaluable resource. Tonight my friend Kathy brought "Crack Bread" to our party. That's not really it's name, of course. But you wouldn't know it the way everyone scarfed it down. It was so yummy. It's really called Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls from Steph at Plain Chicken.  DD2 and I are going to make it for her party on Wednesday.

Another fabulous pinned recipe is the Cream Cheese Tree, I took to a party last Saturday.  It was a huge hit so I made it again for company on Sunday. Again, all gone. This was the weekend of parties, just in case you didn't get that.  This recipe is originally from Betty Crocker Recipes on Flickr.

Source: flickr.com via Karen on Pinterest

Have you tried a new "pinned" recipe lately? If so, please share it in the comments!  

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