Monday, November 21, 2011

College Reunion

 I went to a small Christian college where we knew almost all of our classmates. So a reunion for our college class is a pretty big deal.  Last weekend was a "big" reunion year for us.
This guy, not the cow, and I go back much further, to my 5th grade. He and his brother used to call me names, "Twiggy Tree Truck" sticks in my mind. I think they added the "tree truck" because they realized that Twiggy was a compliment at the time.  
 We had many meals together.  This one at the Taco Truck was very fun.

 Blurry picture of me and one of my BFF.  She was in my wedding 31 years ago.
 The old dorm, which is to be knocked down for a newer version soon.
 We dedicated this gazebo to a special classmate that lost his life in a tragic accident.
I was even surprised by my cousin, that popped by to say hello.

Sorry for all the self portraits. I just wanted to give you a sense of the special weekend I had where there was laughter and stories shared.  Lots of memories were stirred to the surface and we concluded that God is good and we are blessed. I traveled on to Florida for a few days after that. More on that tomorrow!

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  1. Great pics, Karen! It was a wonderful weekend--wish we all could get together more often. Friends will come and go throughout our lives, but the ones we've kept the longest are the strongest :-)


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