Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Antique Sale

We made our monthly trek to Matilda's Mouse this past weekend. There were six of us this time. I think everybody went home with some treasure. The theme for the month was, of course, Christmas!
I loved this belt tying up the books.

Lime green and pink was a common color palette. The place was packed.  It was impossible to take a picture without somebody in the background. This cute tree was "planted" in a plant stand, featured moss, pots, tools and sprinkler heads.
 You should've seen this massive frame around this angel.  
It was pretty difficult to get a picture of, but it was really beautiful.
This bowl was below the beach tree.  It had big, fat, weathered rope around it's base.  
I really should've taken a picture of it. 

 Baby Jesus was not for sale.
An owl tree.  Owls are still everywhere these days.

 This was another very clever book display.
 Need a hand?

I'll show you tomorrow what I came home with.


  1. Some treasures there! Can't wait to see what you took home. Thanks for sharing, Sally x

  2. I have heard of this place. My blogging friend Z has been there many times though it's a 5 hr drive. One day I will be there!!!!

    thanks for the photos....drooling on my computer!


  3. Love that creative Christmas tree book display. Had to pin it! Looks like a great sale.

  4. My favorite is the beach bowl--and that simple box with candle on top. Some friends and I make a trip every year during the holidays to Science Hill Inn and Wakefield Scaerce Gallery for shrimp and grits and a look at all these rooms each decorated with different themes--great place to get ideas, like your place.

    It will be fun to decorate a new house for the holidays, won't it? Can't wait to see how you go with it, Karen! Also looking forward to your small gifts craft ideas this year. Any ideas yet?

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