Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What A Weekend!

This last weekend, my VERY healthy husband had a health scare and spent two days in the hospital. I'm so thankful that he was home when it happened so I could take care of him.  I'm convinced it would've been worse if A) he wasn't home and B) he wasn't in such good shape.  Thank you Lord!  

Also, you've seen pictures and heard reports all over the media about Marathon Mom, Amber Miller.  Amber is an amazing young woman, very disciplined and smart.  We are good friends with the family and are convinced that she did the right thing for her.  We're very proud of her.  Here is the link to just one of the many stories.

Hmmm, in light of these two weekend events, I think I better go turn on the treadmill. . .


  1. I'm grateful your husband is fine. What a scare this must have been!


  2. I think most of the photos I have of you guys include minnie mouse ears. I need to buy you two new hats.

  3. sooooo glad hubby is o.k!!

    i was playing frisbee and then tennis the day my daughter was born.....


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