Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autumn Tutorials

It was nasty and raining yesterday and I was in the city with nothing much to do.  It only takes so long to clean a little apartment.  I didn't feel like running around, which always ends up costing money, so I surfed the internet for longer than usual.  As you well know, if you read blogs, that there is an endless supply of inspiration available.  Here are a few things I came across.

If you haven't seen this already, it's a beautiful rose bouquet made from Fall leaves.  People are SO smart!  Here is the tutorial if you live in a place with an abundance of Fall leaves, which I don't anymore. I've raked my share, that's for sure having lived in New England for five years among several midwestern states.  I do miss a gorgeous Fall.

While this isn't specifically a Fall tutorial, it would be beautiful in Fall colors or even just shades of cream to warm up your chair for the Winter.  I need to beef up my crochet skills.  You can find instructions at Attic 24.

This type of artwork has been all over Pinterest lately.  Virginia made this one.  Check out her method at Virginia and Charlie.

Here's another pretty version.

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

I love the variation of letters on this one!
I guess I should rename this post something like Canvas and Roses. This beautiful rose is made from coffee filters. You can find instructions at The White Bench. Now these would be beautiful in your Fall decorations! Well, it looks like I better get off the computer and to work or I'll get nothing done today!  Have a beautiful day.

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  1. I love the roses! I'll just have to admire them though. I don't have leaves or coffee filters and my list of things I want to make or do is way too long already. ;-)


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