Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Goes Around. . .

Comes Around. . . Do you remember, back in the day when we stenciled EVERYTHING?  I even had my own stencils that I sold to local "country stores".  My partner and I even stenciled rooms in both a local Kansas City Show Home and a Parade of Homes. That was before everybody got into it and die cut stencils were everywhere.  It was also before I started moving. Stencils of one kind or another have been available all these years.  I'm planning on digging out ye ole stencil brushes and trying it again.  Here and some pictures I'm using for inspiration.

I already have the damask stencil in photos 2 and 3 so that's what I'm planning on using.  Although, I love the more contemporary designs in 1 and 4.  Not loving the pillow as much.

This beautiful entryway has been all over pinterest and the blogosphere.  So pretty! We'll see how this goes.  You know I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Lovely!! I have a stencil that I haven't tried yet. Now I'm inspired to pull it out again :-)


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