Saturday, September 3, 2011

Goodies for Girls

I'm getting ready for the Women Of Faith conference next weekend. There are 30 ladies in our group.  I've been using my very remedial Photoshop skills for little gifts. I would have NO skills, except I took a little free class from Kim Klassen. I'll definitely be taking more. I made these tags to embellish some plain white envelopes. I know they're simple, but I'm pretty proud of them. I used instructions for printing from Jane.
You just tape the tags on top of the printed design on the paper and run it through the printer again.
I used vintage ribbon, swiss lace and a little "locker" pin to hold it together. I wanted red tape, but you can't find it in stores, only on line.
The 30 bags are finished.  I posted about them here. 
We're making food for a tailgate party at lunch. I took this photo on my iPhone then played with it on Photoshop to make the invitations. 
 Homemade cookies are for dessert.  
Thank you to Julie Collings for the custom vintage labels.

My work is done, except for baking some more cookies and a pasta salad.  I love making things a little more special. I hope they enjoy our weekend!


  1. You are more creative than you think. These are darling!! Have a wonderful time!


  2. Thoughtful and so creative. T


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