Monday, August 29, 2011

Red and White

Do you suppose these stripes add too much width?
I'm going to use this on an upcoming project.
Such a cute knitting pattern.
Julie is making some custom labels for me!

I love how this girl has blue accessories with her polka dot dress! Very cute.
I'm always very attracted to red. Red clothes, red rooms, red paper, etc. . .  The top photos are 1. Katrin Cargill; 2. bhg; 3. Katrin Cargill; 4. Katrin Cargill; 5. bhg.  I'm having a little trouble spacing my photos today for some reason.  What color is attracting your attention?


  1. such cute images! i am generally not a red girl (blue is my fave), but i do love a pop of red here and there. i have redone one of my guest rooms using aqua and red, perhaps i'll share it soon.
    have a good week, karen.

  2. Fun pictures! I love red too...including red shoes! :-D


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