Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In the Clouds

This was the scenery outside our window on Saturday. It makes for a cool morning.
I read a blog post by Deb, about her "new" speed e whipper"recently. I hopped right onto etsy and found one for myself.  If I ever really "need" whipped cream, it would only be a little.  This gadget is perfect.
 Perfect for chocolate waffles. 
I know I show these a lot. Well, at least I'm using my cool waffle maker.

DH is fuzzy these days.  He usually is after his big hike.  This year, 68 miles in the Sierra's.  He deserved a few chocolate waffles.  I need to put some weight back onto him.  Of course, I had some too.


  1. Woah, he's even hairier than usual.

  2. Mmmm....looks good. I love the idea of those whippers. I've been meaning to look for one.

    I was wondering if your hubby went on his annual hike this year. Did he just get back? We were in the Sierras a couple of weeks ago and I was wondering if he was up there.


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