Thursday, August 11, 2011

Come Take A Walk With Me

I take my iPhone with me on my walks.  Basically I keep it on me for security, but it comes in handy for photos.  Although, it wouldn't defend me against coyotes or snakes. I should've started a little earlier since we had a foggy morning and it was really cool.  As soon as I got a few yards down the street, or was it up the street, the clouds moved on out.  
 There were a lot of animals out today.
He came over to say "Hi".  I think he was wanting a treat. 
 This guy was sporting sunglasses.
 These animals are all from different ranches.
I have fond memories of climbing Mimosa trees.
 These geese were squawking pretty loud as I approached. I'm glad they were behind the fence.
 You can't see him, but there's a cute horse in that left window.  He was eating breakfast.
The burros were busy eating too.  Hope you enjoyed the walk.  The hills are killers, but as you can tell, I stopped occasionally for Kodak moments.

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