Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I thought I'd share a few things I've been enjoying on the internet and design magazines lately.  
Really pretty things.  
1.  BHLDN's limoncello lace dress.  So beautiful, and SO EXPENSIVE! I think my youngest daughter would look lovely in this, maybe in a deep blue. It doesn't come that way, but I can dream. Maybe with a few pounds off, I could pull it off.  Well, again, I can dream. Let's look at things that don't have to fit.

2. Renovation Style Fall Issue has a story about Pandy Agnew and her gorgeous, small home.  Her shop sells these beautiful chandeliers. In the story, I love the way she hung them with rope.  Might have to copy that one.
3.  After cutting up old magazines I came across some bookshelves with these mounted above them.  DH thinks it's too late for us to do this since the crown moulding is installed.  I'm holding out for an electrician to give me hope.  We'll see.  Check it out at Hinson Lighting.
4.  I don't know what it is about me and lighting this week.  Here's another beauty that I may not be able to resist.  You can even find fun things at Pottery Barn Teen!

5.  This living room from House Beautiful makes me want a fig tree! I actually love the cover photo the best.  The table with all the binoculars!  So creative.  I probably have enough binoculars at my house for a little display like this.  We'd always know where to find them, don't you think? Do you suppose a fig tree  from Home Depot would work?  You can see the entire house here.

What have you found to share?


  1. Those lights and pendents, OH my! love em

  2. I just found your blog and I LOVE it.....noticed you live in So Cal....I will be a regular reader!!!!

  3. The fig tree is just the right touch in this room! Every room should have a little greenery!

    I love the yellow dress, too. I hear yellow is making a comeback, thanks to Chanel.



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