Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Portraits vs Landscapes

I love portraits, my HH loves landscapes.

We have a lot of landscapes, but ZERO portraits, painted ones anyway.

I love this stairway collection.

The above is a more contemporary version, but I love them.  I think my friend that's an Optometrist should have these in her office.  

I've been promised the painting below, someday.
She was to come home with me after visiting with family this past visit. It didn't happen. I really don't blame my MIL. This is a painting of her when she was 4. It was painted by her grandmother.  She even still has the doll that's in the basket! The doll needs to come home with me too. You can't tell by the photo, but this painting is huge. It was almost life size when painted. There is a coordinating one of her brother in his blue knickers.  Uncle Franklin has his painting. I'm saving a spot for this little darling. No rush. How even more precious that it is of someone we love, painted by a family member?  Don't you think?


  1. I didn't realize how much I liked portraits until I saw they way some of these were displayed! The painting of your MIL is beautiful. I hope it is yours someday!


  2. I love the ones with the glasses! And what a truly neat story about that last painting! I'm so glad you have it. The story is fabulous. I intend to make a painting of Wesley once I get settled and unload my paints in the next house. It would be so cool if it carried on like the one you have.

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