Monday, May 9, 2011

Paint Color Help

Hi there, I've been off line for a few days. I have a WIFI connection and when you pretty much use up all of the 5G that you have available before the month is up, you stay away! Supposedly, we cannot get internet at our new home, even though all our neighbors have Verizon. I resolved it for the moment by getting the WIFI from AT&T. But, it has it's limitations. No streaming video for us, no You Tube tutorials. I guess I need to start hassling Verizon again.  Okay, on to something much prettier.
I wanted to share with you something I discovered last week.  I've been trying to make paint color decisions.  I like some of the house colors and other's need to be changed.  My biggest fear is that the new color I pick will not work with the colors that are staying.  What do you know, Sherwin Williams to the rescue.  Now other companies may have a similar system.  I'm just tooting SW's horn today.  

They have brand new color collections put together by HGTV designers.  In these collections all of the colors work together. I just picked the one that I liked and also had VERY similar colors to what is already in my house.  Now, I can pick any of the other colors and they will work with what I already have.  Genius! Check them out at Sherwin Williams.  I am seriously considering Accessible Beige and Sedate Gray.
Also, you may not have known this little tidbit.  I didn't.  On the back of some of the color sample cards is a code, i.e., LRV 83 or LRV 49.  This little number gives you the light reflective value of a color.  So, if you need to lighten a room and don't want to paint it white, you can choose from other colors that have a high reflective value.  Isn't that helpful, and who knew?  Did you?

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