Saturday, April 2, 2011

Foggy Balloons

At our last house we saw hot air balloons many Saturday mornings. We could see the colors pretty well.  What do you know, but we can see them from this house too. Just a little further away. I noticed this one this morning. Click on the photos for a better view.
Then I saw two.
Then there were three.
Then I realized there were five! They look beautiful silhouetted against the foggy sky. This is after the sunrise, it was beautiful, but I was too lazy to get out of bed. I guess I should sleep with my camera close by.  


  1. these are beautiful shots...have you ever been up in one? I always thought it would be fun.

  2. This is my favorite of your headers. That looks like the view from heaven!

  3. wowza!!! i have said it before and i'll say it again......your view is spectacular!! do you know how lucky you are? Peggy is right, it looks like the view from "heaven" with balloons. what is the name of those mountains? hope you have been settling in comfortably, sweets........i have been busting my butt, working the gardens's my busy time right now....hard on the body but good for the spirit.

    happy weekend to you,



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