Thursday, March 24, 2011

Make N Do Decorating

Unpacking is making slow and steady progress.
I'm decorating little spots in order to make it feel more like home. It's interesting to use only what I've unpacked to this point. Basically, make n do with what I've got. You know, taking pictures of your house has it's benefits. It definitely lends itself to picking up the clutter and dusting in order for your photos to be presentable. At least that's one of the benefits at this house!
There are plenty of boxes still hanging around.  I definitely think the color is gonna be achanging in the Family Room.  
It's funny that I've had these reproduction wing back chairs for 16 years. Recently I've seen them popping up again in decorating magazines. Restoration Hardware has some similar ones in linen.  Veranda magazine has one almost exactly like these in their April issue.  I love it that I'm back "in style". This poor plant has been traumatized in this move.  It spent too many days outside.
I like this antique armoire here, but it's going to switch places with the desk this weekend. Hopefully that will help the arrangement in the Living Room. Sorry no pictures. It looks bad. Please ignore the mess in the mirror.
My bedroom is pretty basic at this point. I really like my bed against the brown walls. Blinds are hopefully arriving this next week.  
The beauty outside is consistent, fog crept in this morning.

Earlier this week we got the perfect view of a rainbow. 
What better decoration than a reminder of God's promise? 


  1. Looking good! I feel for you. I think unpacking is a little more fun than packing though. Dreading packing up myself. Can't wait to see all of your rooms finished.

  2. everything is looking great, karen! i just love the light that seems to be streaming through.......and of course that VIEW! your den wall color looks the same that i have used in part of my kitchen and in a hall way. i am thinking of changing mine to sky blue, but who knows? i hope you are enjoying your new space.....

  3. Everything looks so pretty with the streams of sunshine coming through. I love the arch and the wideness of it and the thickness to enable you to put pieces of furniture in the archway. How great is that. I like the yellow kitchen. My husband hadn't painted our kitchen in CA yellow much before we left and I had him paint the kitchen here the same yellow. It's so cheery to come into and be in. :-) Isn't it funny how "things that go around come around." I've always liked wing back chairs and your blue ones are pretty. Definitely love the views out your windows. I miss seeing the mountains every day. :-( What town is that you are overlooking? Even in your so-called mess, it's looking good!

  4. Love the new house, it looks like it's gonna keep you busy..and then there's the outside, oh my! What a lovely view you have. dori

  5. Hello, nice pictures, I just found your blog in bloggy universe. oh yeah cute Dog too. :)



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