Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Makes a House a Home?

Now that we're packing up Elderberry Street it's losing it's homey feeling.
I hate to take down all of the "stuff", not because there's SO MUCH of it, well maybe a little. Basically because it loses it's feeling of home; the familiarity, the memories, the comfort.
Good memories are essential to making a house feel like a home.  
Filling it with family and friends that you love.  This was DD2's Ugly Christmas Sweater party.
There's that feeling of peace and calm.
It will take awhile.  My DD2 thinks it will take FOREVER, for the new place to feel like ours.
All I know is, we've done it all before. This is house number 10, I believe, not including four apartments.  They always manage to feel like home, hopefully sooner than later. What helps you feel like home in your house?  


  1. I'm sure that your new house will feel like home in no time. It's all about the love inside, which you captured so nicely with your pictures! :-)


  2. I have one old framed photo of my gramma and grampa and my mom when she was 7 yrs old (shes 83 now). It is the first picture I hang in any place Ive lived. When that goes up I know Im finally home. Do you have something like that? I would do that as the very first thing once you have the basics in like a bed, dishes and food. Oh and a coffee pot with everything I need for it. That is the very first thing even before the furniture! :)

  3. I'm so excited for you! I know you'll have your new house looking like home and beautiful in no time. But, the feeling part...that seems to take a while...at least to me. I think that what makes a house feel like a home is memories and time. The sooner you move in, get settled and start making memories, the sooner it will feel like "Home Sweet Home". :-)

  4. Congrats! We have also just bought a new home and I thought it would take a while to feel like home. It's only been 4 months and it is wonderful and feels just like home. As long as my kids and hubby are with me I think almost anywhere can feel like home. They are what makes it home for me.



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