Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seam Ripper Sunday

Can pretty pincushions make mending more enjoyable?  

1. mini pincushion of happiness, 2. Untitled, 3. A little zipper flower house/pincushion, 4. p i n c u s h i o n, 5. My favorite pin cushion..., 6. On Pins and Needles, 7. Pin Cushion, 8. Pink Ranunculus Pincushion, 9. Pyramidal Pincushion

Maybe, but looking for pretty pincushions can derail your progress altogether.  Oops!  But, I did learn how to make a mosaic with links from Flickr.  So that's something.


  1. neat trick with flickr mosaic - will have to look into that.
    And i have never owned a pincushion - maybe move around too mucha nad don't have a craftroom - maybe it could be a beginning because i could see them being serious collectors items :)

  2. They are all so sweet and different!! And you did a fantastic job with the mosaic!


  3. I love pincushions and want one of each!! :-)

  4. It looks like avoiding one task lead to a totally different accomplishment. The mosaic is cool! I wanna learn how to do that! And, the pincushions are cute too! ;-)

  5. Stubbmled accross your blog and decided to have a very quick study, not what I usually do, but you have a great blog. Wonderful to see a site that isnt full of spam, and actually makes some sense. Awesome blog


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