Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In the Dark

Last Friday we had the inspection on our soon-to-be new house. There was a lot going on that day.  Inspections from the House Inspectors, Termite Inspector, Septic Inspectors, both realtors, DH and I.  It all went fairly well, with no big issues. I'm sure as I live in it, I'll find things that need to be changed.  The one thing I realized was that the bathroom and kitchen lighting has some problems. The first floor ceilings are 10 feet high. Which I really like except for when there are only can lights. That doesn't work very well especially over the bathroom sinks. My makeup application will be pretty scary until something gets remedied. Can't you just see me walking out of the house with bright purple eye shadow on or liner that's makes me look like it's Halloween?
See what I mean? There are a few solutions, but even as I look at this photo, I realize that one idea I had may not work.  I would like sconces, those would have to be installed in the mirror since the left wall is a medicine cabinet. Something like this beautiful bathroom below. Hopefully that can be done after the mirror is on the wall. 
This picture makes me want to paint my bathroom this beautiful blue.  Wait, my current bathroom is this color.  I guess I just like blue, what can I say?
Here's the other sink. There is no side wall for a sconce here at all.  I was actually thinking of hanging pendants in place of the can lights. You can see below several bathrooms that use these. You don't really see the light strips used anymore, at least in decor magazines.  

all photos from My Home Ideas

Looks like I need to do some pendant light searches.  The kitchen also has this same situation.  There's just no makeup application going on in there.  Although, there is great natural light.  Hmmm. . . 


  1. Sounds like lots of fun times ahead! :-D

  2. hi karen, how about a magnifying mirror that has lights around the frame...you know, the kind that extends in and out from the wall. it could be hung on the side wall. whatever you come up with i am sure it will be great!


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