Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Feet

I have been busy lately.  In fact, I'm revealing this project a little prematurely.
But, I couldn't help myself. I wanted you to see that I WAS being productive.
It takes me forever to make much progress.  These are toe up toddler socks.  I obviously need to perfect the short row heels.  
There is one left to finish.  I better hurry.  The little girl will be here soon!
I got inspired by these beautiful socks!
And these. . . 
Next time I'm going for some Koigu instead.
I am linking up to Friday Pretties.  Check out all the other participants!


  1. Uh.. We're not having a baby mom.

  2. karen, those are sooo cute! who are these sweet little socks for?????

  3. are amazing. I would not even know where to begin! So cute.

    I like the idea of that Christmas stocking wreath...what inspiration ..I can see how you were inspired. xoxo

  4. My Goodness! You have been busy! I can't wait to meet the little girl whose feet will fill those soft, pretty, and very little, socks.


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