Thursday, September 30, 2010

Precious Gift

I received a lovely gift from a neighbor on Monday. Sweet Deloris gave me her treasure of piano music. She comes to my Monday night Bible Study and knows I have a piano. I definitely need to use it more. Maybe this will be the impetus I need.
 Look at all that beautiful music!

 Isn't this just awesome?  And these were only the first few pieces in the stack!
What a generous gift.  Thank you so much, Deloris!
I'm participating in Show and Tell Friday!  Take a look!


  1. How delightful! I have a stack of my mom's sheet music from the 50's that I quite enjoy. Some of it is framed and hung and I love being able to admire it as art too.
    Now I have Wouldn't It Be Loverly stuck in my head. ;) "Lots of chocolate for me to eat..."

  2. What a beautiful gift. I love gorgeous music covers. They are truly pieces of art!

  3. What a nice gift! And, how fun that must have been to go through that stack! :-)

  4. Wow, what a wonderful gift. My mom has that same "How Great Thou Art" sheet music. I'd love to look at all pieces she gave you some time.

  5. What a wonderful know just what would please you!
    As a piano player I love getting out my old music. Happy playing.


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